Monday, June 20, 2016

From a Mind That Knows No Rest

From a mind that knows no rest,

from a busy conscience,

I appear before you without covering,

baring my ideas as they manifest.

My thoughts are a relentless stream, a cascade of concepts and reflections that refuse to be silenced. Each moment of quiet brings forth a new wave of inspiration, urging me to capture it before it slips away. This ceaseless mental activity, this unending dialogue with myself, is both a blessing and a curse. It fuels my creativity, but it also demands my constant attention, leaving little room for respite.

In these moments of vulnerability, I strip away the layers of pretense and present my raw, unfiltered thoughts. There is a certain beauty in this honesty, in allowing oneself to be seen as they truly are. The ideas that emerge from this state are often the most profound, the most genuine, for they come from the depths of my being, untainted by the need for approval or validation.

As I navigate through the maze of my mind, I find solace in the act of creation. Whether it’s penning down my reflections or crafting a new piece of art, this process becomes my sanctuary. It is here that I can explore the myriad possibilities that my restless mind conjures, giving form to the abstract and the intangible.

In sharing these creations, I invite you into my world, a place where thoughts are free to roam and ideas are born from the chaos. It is an intimate glimpse into the workings of a mind that never sleeps, a testament to the power of introspection and the endless quest for meaning.

Through this journey, I have come to embrace the restless nature of my mind, recognizing it as an integral part of who I am. It is this restlessness that drives me to seek out new experiences, to question the status quo, and to constantly strive for growth. And in this perpetual motion, I find my peace.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day: Her Own Side Of The Story

I am a romantic.

It doesn’t always show, and sometimes that’s intentional, but I can’t deny that I am a

hopeless romantic.

Needles to say, Valentines Day is one of my favorite days of the year. Not because of the

gifts, or the chocolate or corny movies, I love the fact that you can feel the love in the air,

that people stop and think of how to make their partner feel special, the anticipation of

how magical an ordinary day can become, the chance to just reflect on the awesomeness

that is your relationship, or how to make it more awesome than it currently is.

So when my boyfriend asked me around September last year what “celebrations” I expect

him to mark, I did not hesitate to say Valentines Day. That I believe was the beginning of

my downfall regarding Valentine's Day.

Since September, this girl had been looking forward to February 14th because she

expected that since she had made it clear that it’s a big deal to her that it was bound to be

the kind of day that only Disney could come up with…and my boyfriend of course. The

fact that I had to work and get my hair done on that day couldn’t get me down; we had

the whole evening to be romantic and all.

Come midnight, I present him with a card and a smile and say happy Valentines Day! He

looked at me funny, smiled then said “happy valentines day”…hmm, well it’s early, I tell

myself, I had to go sleep because of work so no matter. After work, I got home, washed

my hair then went out to get my hair done. Now ladies, allow me to say that I spent quite

a bit of money on the hair (*cough* Peruvian virgin hair grade 7A *cough*) and I

thought it looked nice. I walk in and he comes over to give me a hug and pauses with this

stank look on his face looking at my hair then he says, “umm is this space meant to be

there?” The space here being a part that had moved the wrong way because I wore and

took off my hood, hat head anyone? That was the beginning of his downfall that day.

Still waiting for the magic? Yeah, so was I. Anyway, I had suggested we go see a movie

and he had readily agreed, so we went and that was nice, it was an awesome movie and

we exchanged cutesy glances and stuff at the theatre and even shared a little kiss. Now

the movie started at about 10pm so my hopes of magic had gone down to 0 but I decided

to still have a good night.

Bedtime came and this girl could just not let it go. The conversation started with "What

exactly do you celebrate?"  He thought for a second and said "I celebrate success", I said

"no I mean a certain time/date in the calendar,” he realized I was talking

about Valentine's day so he asked if I wasn’t pleased with how the day went, I said I

wished we celebrated it.

He asked what I expected, and as any woman can tell you, I did not know exactly what I

wanted, I just knew I didn’t get it. So I said, “I dunno, a card, a nice note, something” and

being emotional and all, I proceeded to say our whole relationship could do with a little

more romance…yeah I messed up.

After an uncomfortable and longish discussion, I came to realize that my boyfriend and I

have VERY different definitions of romance, his being more of the I love to take care of

you, I sit in very uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time so you can cuddle

with me romance and mine being the occasional cute card or hand written note, and, dare

I say it, flowers!

My boyfriend being the amazing man that he is, has promised to make every valentines

day from here on out, not like the one that just passed, and I have promised to appreciate

the little things a little more.

Long live Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day

My girlfriend says our relationship lacks romance, she says that I should send notes and give her cards for Valentine's day.

The conversation started with "What exactly do you celebrate?"  I thought for a second and the first thing that came to my mind was "I celebrate success." She said "No I mean a certain time/date in the calendar."

I realized she was talking about Valentine's day so I asked her if our little Valentine's day charade was not up to par.

She said she wished I celebrated it.

I was stunned for some minutes mainly because I thought the day went on well.

At mid-night, she said Happy Valentine's day and gave me a card and I responded. We went to bed, she woke up and went to work. When she got back I was sleeping, I had a long night the day before. She went to wash her hair, when she was done she kissed me and told me she was going to make her hair.

By the time she got back, I was fully awake and I welcomed her back home. I was excited to see her. She had just made her hair, it was a new look and I knew she would be expecting me to notice it and say something good, BUT, I noticed something odd about the hair and it showed on my face. That I believe was the beginning of my downfall on Valentine's day.

We had guests in the house and we were playing Monopoly, my darling girlfriend was right next to me the whole time. She sneezed a few times and I checked up on her.  Later on I had the chance to sneak away, so I did and I called her upstairs to be alone together. But these past few days she has decided to keep herself busy doing other things with her reason being "I do not want to be idle".

Anyway we had planned to go see a movie, we went to the movie, we enjoyed our movie and we went back home. We went straight upstairs to the bedroom leaving our guests who were comfortable were we left them.

I picked up my laptop having plans to continue writing my novel but I noticed that she seemed a little off, so I dropped my laptop and called her over so we could cuddle and what not. It was then she decided to open up to me.

I admit my failures today as a lover, for not buying a card or a gift. I should have thought of her feelings.

She said our relationship lacks romance and for the span of our relationship I had not shown any romantic gesture.

That hurt, and it hurt deep.  I have always felt everyday should be a day to show your partner that you truly care for them and that you love them. I never believed cards and gifts were measures of ones love.

But since she is my lover and that is part of her standard of measuring love, this post is here to remind me of the oath I have made tonight.

To make every valentines day different from this very one.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Je suis helpless romantic.

I'm far from lonely, but here I am feeling the way I felt when I really had no one around.
I've got words to say, but here I am with the words finding their way back inside me.

I need someone I can call my own, but all the females around me do not match up to the previous.

I can't settle for less. Well I will not.
That's what I keep telling myself.

Young lady out there looking for a Young helpless romantic.

Je m'appele Kommy.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


the old "ones" pass...

the new "ones" come...

new "ones" become old...

the old "ones" become the one...

even when there is a new "ones"...

the thought of having more than one "ones" comes...

but a choice has to be made because no matter how the "english" can be said or how the truth can be manipulated to make sense,  more than one, "ones" isnt one any more...

but i stay true to the one...

just me n my one...

we equal one...


Saturday, November 30, 2013

We say different things.

I will love you till the end of time.

My goodness, you always look so good.

We do not need money to love.

My goodness, I will pay to love you.

I can wait a million years.

My goodness, if I wait another minute I will die.

Why can't you get the drift?

My goodness. Why can't You get the the drift?

Friday, November 29, 2013

What She Said...

"Where did you hear that one now..."
The words she said when she was told the first time.

"I dont think he is my type, plus you can never know if he is serious or not."
The words she said, every time someone approached her about him...

"I think he is a nice person, you just have to get to know him"
The words she said trying to defend him...

"I dont know?, he is in Ohio with his girlfriend. I guess he is fine"
The words she said when they asked about him...

"Why do you people keep asking me about him, please he is history"
The words she said when she met some1 else...

"I am a big girl, I can take care of myself"
What she says to make herself feel better.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Do You, Do The Do-Able.

Heading back home at 7:33pm, Lagos really does seem peaceful tonight, streetlights are on, no traffic, birds are swimming, and pigs are flying. I know what awaits me when I get home. Continuous nagging from the wife who at this point needs a divorce.
Kommytila, do you think I need to remain in the useless marriage? I mean, we got married because she got pregnant for me 8 years ago and the boy she gave birth to, died when he was only four.


I have been dating this guy now for 2months. We met at a friend’s party and all. He has another girlfriend but he called me his wife and all. He even said he thinks we are both gonna get married. And oh my goodness he has a really huge package, like I think he needs to be a pornstar. But the only sad part is when we do it. I’m like is that it and it hurts all through. Kommytila, what can a girl like me do?


I am a happily married man, married to a half-caste hottie with four beautiful girls, My first daughter is married to a musician and she has a son for him. He is a member of a twin music group, she is being taken care of properly even though. I would have wanted her to continue her education, my second daughter is beautiful but has no thoughts, plans for tomorrow. She gets back at odd hours of the night. My third daughter just got suspended from high school for putting a male students prick in her mouth and the last girl she is 8 years old, we still sleeps with my wife and I and she still wets the bed. Kommytila, what can be done about my situation?


Shout out to the voices in my head for telling me their problems. May their issues be solved and may they continue to provide me with materials to write.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The word between like and love [ L__E ]

Often, we leap from 'like' to 'love' because we're unsure of how to label our feelings.

These last three posts are drawn from my personal experiences. There have been numerous instances where I've wanted to express my feelings to a woman...

Yet, it's incredibly challenging because I know my emotions extend beyond 'like'. So, I tell her I love her. However, as soon as the words 'I love you' escape my lips, I feel as though I've committed a transgression against God. After all, they say 'God is love', and I certainly don't feel selfless affection for the woman.

So, I'm on a quest to find the elusive word that exists between 'like' and 'love'. Could it be 'loke'? Or perhaps 'liev'? For now, I'll refer to it as 'L__E'.

Simultaneously, I invite you to ponder and share your thoughts on the topic of "dating someone versus being in a relationship with someone". Are they the same or are they different?

Friday, August 30, 2013

Le Get Away

They say time heals,
but I still hurt the same.

I came here to... get away.

Its a marvellous night to write.

pa pa rampa pa pa ri pa pa rampa.

what that means, only my spirit knows.

As the words appear, It hurts less by the second.

I'm crying out and I can't do it on my own, I need you.

Wish I could go back, when the magic existed in us, true lovers.