Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Do You, Do The Do-Able.

Heading back home at 7:33pm, Lagos really does seem peaceful tonight, streetlights are on, no traffic, birds are swimming, and pigs are flying. I know what awaits me when I get home. Continuous nagging from the wife who at this point needs a divorce.
Kommytila, do you think I need to remain in the useless marriage? I mean, we got married because she got pregnant for me 8 years ago and the boy she gave birth to, died when he was only four.


I have been dating this guy now for 2months. We met at a friend’s party and all. He has another girlfriend but he called me his wife and all. He even said he thinks we are both gonna get married. And oh my goodness he has a really huge package, like I think he needs to be a pornstar. But the only sad part is when we do it. I’m like is that it and it hurts all through. Kommytila, what can a girl like me do?


I am a happily married man, married to a half-caste hottie with four beautiful girls, My first daughter is married to a musician and she has a son for him. He is a member of a twin music group, she is being taken care of properly even though. I would have wanted her to continue her education, my second daughter is beautiful but has no thoughts, plans for tomorrow. She gets back at odd hours of the night. My third daughter just got suspended from high school for putting a male students prick in her mouth and the last girl she is 8 years old, we still sleeps with my wife and I and she still wets the bed. Kommytila, what can be done about my situation?


Shout out to the voices in my head for telling me their problems. May their issues be solved and may they continue to provide me with materials to write.


  1. I'd like to be in your head for about 5 mins... seems interesting!

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