Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day

My girlfriend says our relationship lacks romance, she says that I should send notes and give her cards for Valentine's day.

The conversation started with "What exactly do you celebrate?"  I thought for a second and the first thing that came to my mind was "I celebrate success." She said "No I mean a certain time/date in the calendar."

I realized she was talking about Valentine's day so I asked her if our little Valentine's day charade was not up to par.

She said she wished I celebrated it.

I was stunned for some minutes mainly because I thought the day went on well.

At mid-night, she said Happy Valentine's day and gave me a card and I responded. We went to bed, she woke up and went to work. When she got back I was sleeping, I had a long night the day before. She went to wash her hair, when she was done she kissed me and told me she was going to make her hair.

By the time she got back, I was fully awake and I welcomed her back home. I was excited to see her. She had just made her hair, it was a new look and I knew she would be expecting me to notice it and say something good, BUT, I noticed something odd about the hair and it showed on my face. That I believe was the beginning of my downfall on Valentine's day.

We had guests in the house and we were playing Monopoly, my darling girlfriend was right next to me the whole time. She sneezed a few times and I checked up on her.  Later on I had the chance to sneak away, so I did and I called her upstairs to be alone together. But these past few days she has decided to keep herself busy doing other things with her reason being "I do not want to be idle".

Anyway we had planned to go see a movie, we went to the movie, we enjoyed our movie and we went back home. We went straight upstairs to the bedroom leaving our guests who were comfortable were we left them.

I picked up my laptop having plans to continue writing my novel but I noticed that she seemed a little off, so I dropped my laptop and called her over so we could cuddle and what not. It was then she decided to open up to me.

I admit my failures today as a lover, for not buying a card or a gift. I should have thought of her feelings.

She said our relationship lacks romance and for the span of our relationship I had not shown any romantic gesture.

That hurt, and it hurt deep.  I have always felt everyday should be a day to show your partner that you truly care for them and that you love them. I never believed cards and gifts were measures of ones love.

But since she is my lover and that is part of her standard of measuring love, this post is here to remind me of the oath I have made tonight.

To make every valentines day different from this very one.


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