Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day: Her Own Side Of The Story

I am a romantic.

It doesn’t always show, and sometimes that’s intentional, but I can’t deny that I am a

hopeless romantic.

Needles to say, Valentines Day is one of my favorite days of the year. Not because of the

gifts, or the chocolate or corny movies, I love the fact that you can feel the love in the air,

that people stop and think of how to make their partner feel special, the anticipation of

how magical an ordinary day can become, the chance to just reflect on the awesomeness

that is your relationship, or how to make it more awesome than it currently is.

So when my boyfriend asked me around September last year what “celebrations” I expect

him to mark, I did not hesitate to say Valentines Day. That I believe was the beginning of

my downfall regarding Valentine's Day.

Since September, this girl had been looking forward to February 14th because she

expected that since she had made it clear that it’s a big deal to her that it was bound to be

the kind of day that only Disney could come up with…and my boyfriend of course. The

fact that I had to work and get my hair done on that day couldn’t get me down; we had

the whole evening to be romantic and all.

Come midnight, I present him with a card and a smile and say happy Valentines Day! He

looked at me funny, smiled then said “happy valentines day”…hmm, well it’s early, I tell

myself, I had to go sleep because of work so no matter. After work, I got home, washed

my hair then went out to get my hair done. Now ladies, allow me to say that I spent quite

a bit of money on the hair (*cough* Peruvian virgin hair grade 7A *cough*) and I

thought it looked nice. I walk in and he comes over to give me a hug and pauses with this

stank look on his face looking at my hair then he says, “umm is this space meant to be

there?” The space here being a part that had moved the wrong way because I wore and

took off my hood, hat head anyone? That was the beginning of his downfall that day.

Still waiting for the magic? Yeah, so was I. Anyway, I had suggested we go see a movie

and he had readily agreed, so we went and that was nice, it was an awesome movie and

we exchanged cutesy glances and stuff at the theatre and even shared a little kiss. Now

the movie started at about 10pm so my hopes of magic had gone down to 0 but I decided

to still have a good night.

Bedtime came and this girl could just not let it go. The conversation started with "What

exactly do you celebrate?"  He thought for a second and said "I celebrate success", I said

"no I mean a certain time/date in the calendar,” he realized I was talking

about Valentine's day so he asked if I wasn’t pleased with how the day went, I said I

wished we celebrated it.

He asked what I expected, and as any woman can tell you, I did not know exactly what I

wanted, I just knew I didn’t get it. So I said, “I dunno, a card, a nice note, something” and

being emotional and all, I proceeded to say our whole relationship could do with a little

more romance…yeah I messed up.

After an uncomfortable and longish discussion, I came to realize that my boyfriend and I

have VERY different definitions of romance, his being more of the I love to take care of

you, I sit in very uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time so you can cuddle

with me romance and mine being the occasional cute card or hand written note, and, dare

I say it, flowers!

My boyfriend being the amazing man that he is, has promised to make every valentines

day from here on out, not like the one that just passed, and I have promised to appreciate

the little things a little more.

Long live Valentines Day!


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