Sunday, October 24, 2010 so loud...

It is funny how I can be tough outside.

Happy outside, yet so soft & sad.

I try to think about other things, girls I have, money I make, but if I think about it, all the things I do, are done because of you.

I try to stop thinking about you but it is not working.

The sad part is I know where I ought to be... but my... I... look I do not know what to say.  I am confused at this point.

I have not seen you in a while but seeing you again just triggered some red, white and blue wires in my head and heart.

I once told myself...  "dude move on" but... I simply can not, wait I did... know what what ever.

The saddest part is I want you, but at the same time I am scared of rejection & the embarrassment that may come after.

nd all these thoughts are jumping inside me...

The thoughts are so loud... screamy (if the word exists)... like they have microphones and speakers...

I'l find a way one day to let you know how I feel and if you do not love me, somebody else will.



  1. wow!!! There is this thng about the way u write...iono what it is but I LIKE!!

  2. Wow!!!!!!!!!

    I think u should tell her how u feel...I mean whats the worst that can happen?Rejection but u never know she might feel the same way about u......Just say something to her..

    Goodluck tho and I really like ur blog.

  3. tell her, the failure is not in the rejection instead its d not telling her at all. i know and can totally relate with this. good stuff

  4. hahahah!! LMAO! sorry but all i can do is laugh @ u ryt now! lMAO! hee hee! pele loool! :) aww kommy is all emo. now! lol

  5. wow, who woulda thought... i like this kinda cuz i can relate in a way. deep still

  6. You write well Kommy, very well. If this is real then say it as it is.

  7. kom kom
    i have been there like someone said whats the worst that can happen rejection
    unluckily for me i was not only rejected but the friendship ended
    but i still think u shud tell her how u feel at the end of the day if she dont want u someone else will

  8. exactly... better to have person 40% than 0%

  9. you should let this person know, cos u've tried not saying much but see how its eating at u

  10. very well written - u should say, i dint for 5yrs and now he is in love, prolly will soon be getting married - it hurts now, so it aint going to hurt anymore if she doesn't feel the same way and maybe now she will start to notice u in a diff light - goodluck

  11. This is a wonderful piece....Good one...Can't wait to see more

  12. aw
    pele....if you aint happy u shud let it out, aint nothing worse that wearing masks
    one day it'll all come crashng down

  13. love this..i relate a lot to this so it rili touched me..luv ur blog..x

  14. @Devine what if silence is the best thing...

    @hun thanx a bunch

  15. awwww...kanmi...leave her joh...and come and love me!
    hmmm but hu is this chick sha...she must be really turning ur head

  16. lol... am coming am coming...

  17. ahem...(clearing throat)....i noticed i am the highest commenter on dis blog..dunno weda its an honor or it means that i am stalking yur blog *wink* now yu better change it to eleven
    ....i love this post....i thnk yu shud think it thru first..weigh the pros and the cons...if its worth it den go for it..but if not..den spare yourself the heartache!!

  18. @Gaga lol... ive thought it thru and i think il spare mesef the heartache.

  19. sounds lyk interesting gist tho so y dont you write a post bout it?? and yay,yu changed it to

  20. now 12...
    there is no inspiration again