Monday, January 10, 2011

Can you date(wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend) a fuck buddy?

then it was When is the right time to leave... well I am heading somewhere with my series of questions...
now the final one.

Can you date a fuck buddy/bootycall e.t.c?

will it last?
when it ends, will y'all still be friends?
is it adviseable to date ur fuck buddy?

after all the comments... on my next post i will link LOVE n INDATUATION, When is the right time to leave? and Can you date a fuck buddy?


  1. hmmm... Na wa for all these relationship-related questions o... Really interested in seeing where you are going with this...

    I think I could depending on the circumstances. The whole idea of a so-called fuck buddy is that the basis of your relationship is lust. Yet sometimes, you can get to know someone and genuinely fall for their character even if it was all about looks at first. Such a relationship can grow... I guess this is more of a "friends with benefits" case. After a while the "friends" part starts to overtake the "benefits" and you realise you want more. If the whole relationship is on an ashewo one-time jump off P sha, then it is unlikely to have a future.

    As for whether it will last, if it is advisable or if the friendship will remain intact... The truth is you can never know until you try. From my experience, you can remain friends and really good friends at that but others might disagree. Matters of the heart are complicated and unpredictable so it's hard to say.

  2. who is this f liking u oh...u can like to drop ur numba :) am a friendly friend dat wants to be a friend.. p.s am a girl :) *if u dnt know PLS ask sumbody*

  3. im serious... F please if u r on twitter dm me... i always love ur comments...

  4. ok, i want to believe when you say a fuck buddy u mean some1 that u have on the side that u both just satisfy your sexual urges with each other. Now i would think the major effect here is sex and it works because both parties are in it without any emotional attachment. Its possible for you both to later develope feelins for yourselves and stuffs but there later boils the major issue of trust. U both would find it hard to trust yourselves not to see the foundation of your relationship "SEX" to actually come first before the other partner.. I have a couple that i know started out that way, they still like themselves very much but it didnt stop either party from continuing their sexcapedes..
    i would say it can never hold devoid of the trust issue.. and i don't know how long such relationships would last for, because its like.. i know what he/she deep down really could be up to.. if both parties are willing to take the risk then hurrayy!!!!

    i know this is soo long but thats what i think.

  5. Well you could date a fuck buddy as F said the whole relationship was based on lust .. Satisfaction of the flesh.. Since you already know each other quite well it takes away that really awkward phase when 2 people start dating.

    As for the other mini questions Will it last? may be no one knows..
    Could you be friends after? I think it depends but I've managed to stay friends with my ex's.

    I think that you should definitely go for it..


  6. nice comments indeed. I like F & M's comments.

  7. Well done! I am gratified that you have shared this important news with me. Thanks!