Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Imperfections Written by Blesyn.

               whenever I am asked, Blesyn, describe ur Dream Guy, I would always imagine this kinda Will smith, in Christiano Ronaldo's body, with the smile of Mario Lopez,the voice of Majid Micheal, obama's mentality,the wealth of Bill Gates+Jay z+Rick Ross+Donald Trump all mixed together, he must Not snore, he must have some serious dress sense and bla bla bla!!! ohh did i forget he shld be able to sing like Usher,rap like florida, but wen he talks he must sound like my Dad besides there shld be some trey songs or chris brown ish in him!!! now dats a perfect guy!!! lmaooo  i want all these i want in one person??? but thats why its called a Dream right??? ...

I am not perfect, 
so i shldnt expect anything extra ordinary
I don't fail too see the faults of people
so i should always remember that my faults are glaring at others in the face 
I talk about what i see, i joke about the mistakes of people(which is wrong) 
so i shldnt expect people to see my mistakes and say "nahhh lets be quiet"
since i am not a beyonce+alicia keys+keri hilson +michelle obama+ nicki minaj 
i shld not cross ma legs and chill and wait for a will smith +obama+ usher+ etc etc 
but i am not expectin a mr ibu+ sam loco +ukwa all in one man oooo 
sometimes we strive so hard for perfections that  we forget the main aims of  whatever we r doing!!! 
I am blesyn and i am expecting u  just u wiv nothing else added to u.. i will learn to love you the way u are and be contented wiv what i have , that is why i have you.


  1. AWWWWWWWWW..sweeet sweeet...*tears*

  2. awwwwww.. i like* hehehehehe...mr.ibu is a handsome man ooo :D

  3. Very sincere & true! I like!....No 1 is perfect and until God tells u otherwise, u can't expect such frm others! Good read! :D

  4. my own young writers president!!! no worry, we will go places.....nice one

  5. hehehe...gud wrk hun!!

  6. i fink mr ibu is cute!lol! nice 1 hun

  7. Niceeeee....good one.funa.

  8. "I will learn to love you the way you are." I like that.

  9. Aww, dats so heartfelt..... I like!!

  10. I think dis is awesome!!!...too often we focus on the physical dat we forget wats inside,wat truly keeps a relationship n makes it worthwhile...if u've chosen to be with someone then love dat person the way he/she is..well written...I loved d part where u said "dats y it's a dream right"..lol