Monday, February 28, 2011

Single Life... tired ov it.

k. its been long since i updated... not my fault was enjoying d single life in london town... grrr shout out to my london pplz. david evans, chioma, chiamaka, feyi, demide,...

k. so. i have been enjoying my holday u know... chilling relaxing err thing u know... living the life...

but at this point where err1 around me is u know dating anoda person...

i feel. n believe. its my turn u know. tired ov being single. i need my own u know... even popsy tried to hook me up wiv sum1...
and true the babe was fit. very fit. fine. and she looks very proper u know. wife/girlfriend material.

but ehm.. i live in canada she here in london... am a guy... temptation will come. so... ehm dat wont work. it got me thinking.. u know

i think i need a babe... not just a normal one... some one i can chill wiv and do errthing wiv... some one i can mess infront ov and she do the same and we ll laugh about it.. u know.. not sure u ppl understand me... but

ive been searching... but just avnt found yet. hope i will one day... soon.

single life... very borin
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hmmm waiting for ur friend request.


  1. do u hav to mess infront of her....i kno wot u pack is
    aww to that sure u wud find sumone dat jst flows wit i feel u on that one!.
    u jst gorra b patient sometimes ay?..

  2. sniff sniff tears... k il wait

  3. lol, ur dad tried to set u up wit sum1, funny, lol!!
    dont worry she'll b der soon, just hang in der :)

  4. AWwwWW! eyah! d friend requests shall come! btwn LMAO! popsi saw tru u! hee hee!

  5. lol...look out for the friend requests lol..i just might add you sef :)

  6. Lwkmd you want a girl you will mess in front of??? Haaaa lol you will wait o! Good luck sha and make sure you blog about that when you find her... hehe

  7. farting is not fun!
    someone that doesn't over-complain when you fart should be fine, but please save our noses and planet and fart in "private"... sharing is not always caring! lol

  8. lol... i didnt mean fart fart now ppl ... but it may be included just meant... u know abeg am not explaning jare. u pl get what am talking about...

    plus @unwritten.. am waiting.

  9. i totally agree with you men
    i absolutely hate being single its like the worst thing ever being single for 4 years everyone i knw has been in and out of relationships since when i got out of one

  10. i feel u dawg...
    its about dat damn time

    i am gettin a show on VH1 soon..."for the love of *insert name here*"

    all d best wit ur search tho...

  11. true... about time i start a tv show too...

    and @anony before HRM.
    ammen the lord will provide

  12. haha! dnt worry ul find her soon!
    i know u.. n i must say "ur aii"

  13. I FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL YOU JO!!!!! this single life don DO ME! everyone around me is hooked but o well, God dey, we will soon find some special someone someday. LOL

  14. yes... single life... no no no...

  15. aaaw pele, lmao @ popc hooking u up
    being single isnt tht bad...sometimes sha...

  16. hmmm @Mo being single aint bad... hmmm
    u single? if not am single... GRRRRRRR!!!


  17. add u where? so many portals down there.

    double life has its perks oh. single can be boring , agreeed

  18. on facebook o...

    and to d girls wu are tired ov dancing to beyonces "all the single ladies" u know wer to find me... facebook... other details cant be posted

  19. lol, ur such a mumu
    ...razz pick up line bt mo says hmmmmmmmm

  20. Lol!!! Dnt worry you shall find,and a very good one at that!!! hehehe but u have to bring her by me!!!

  21. lol @ ur dad

    I don't think single life is boring sha....sure u might wanna hook up jus cuz of friends but dt too is boring.

  22. kommy abeg u mean fart fart dont!!..
    i love u..

  23. *drum roll*
    You Knowwwwww...
    Don't search, she'll find you:)...*patience is key!*

  24. lmaoo!!! aren't we all searching..aren't we all in the same situation.
    dn't wrryy our God is not a sleepingg God!11

  25. lol@ur popsi
    so u want somebody to fart with abi?????/ewwwwwww
    we are all searching sha!

  26. lol...aww whos the lil girl thats ur profile pic?

  27. awww!!! i wud av sent u a friend request but u dont do long distance...sha, gud luck ;)!

  28. lol..@unwritten its not a girl itz me jare.
    and about the long distance hmmm... for every rule there is an exception abi how do they say it.

  29. ur dad wan hook u up!
    Then it must be really bad...Pelee
    u will find the special someone u can mess with... sooner or later, Probably later...fingers crossed :)

  30. lol...your dad wan hook u up?na wa oh.

  31. lol. Wow this os really a call t be coupled up.
    pele o!

    Enjoy ur singleness while u can..abi?

  32. hmm its not bad like dat he just wants me 2 settle down

  33. aww,dnt wry u'l find the special person.sm1 out dier might actually be in love wiv u ,but is scared of spilling.:)

  34. wow...... i never knew being single was depressing.... its kind of fun sha oh but not for long lol!!!!!!
    commitment is hard sha
    ur dad wantin to hook u up lol
    no worries u wld get like 20+ friend requests from fine hot babes in canada

  35. ah ah. i no see any friend request ov recent na.

  36. Single life rocks!!! Don't stray away to soon....:)

  37. seems like ur dad is a "soji"!

    Don't worry, love's out there waiting for you, so be patient!

  38. @Ms. 'dufa hmmm its not rockin anymore o... am getting older by the min... i need ehm whats it called... my other half.

    @David... yes o. my pops na correct guy. the babe wey he find for me sef. na some seriously fine babe.

  39. Dont stress hits you wen u least expect it, cupid gets a kick outta that! Ha ha...but ur dad is on point tho, at least it wasnt sm buck tooth, uglie looking babe!

  40. Single life rocks like mad!!!
    You are answerable to no one but yourself!!!

    Anyways, it might not work for you,but enjoy it while it lasts

  41. enjoyed it... still njoying it. but it has 2 end... soon. my moms told me AIDS is real at the airport on my way back 2 canada...

  42. LOL your dad is funny. He even noticed the single life was eating you alive.
    So you were in London this summer....lucky u

  43. @chi-chi am back in canada oh...
    and the thing below... i ll send u the link later on...

  44. First of all I have to say that, for me, the single life is not boring or as sad as you feel it is. Just because you may not be getting regular somthin', or have someone there always to show they care and luv u- does not mean that the single life is depressing.
    In fact- im luving it!

    Being single does not hve to stop u from doing and being what you want to be and do.
    I would simply say this- take this phase as an experience and enjoy it to the max. Relationships, which also have its sad/depressing/boring moments, will come with time. So dont worry be happy.

    I have no doubt in my mind that that you will be united with some wonderful female just as crazzy as you are. lol.
    It is KonFirmed.


  45. Some of my friends are dating and getting married and all. I am so happy for them. Sometimes I get to wishing I was in that same place too.
    But at the end of the day- everyone has their own life to life. And everyone gots their time.


  46. I agree with you 100% i was just going thru a sad phase when i wrote this post

  47. so.... #WeOffThat then??
    Ready for happy single times now!!! #LetsGO!!!!


    I am #konfirmed