Monday, July 25, 2011


Yes true.
we always think we like/love/feel the other person in the relationship.
we always feel like it will never end or should i say hope nothing wrong will happen
we put in the best/our very best into our relationship.
we try u know, we really do try.
but... HEARTBREAK ... gbosa. just like that

well most ov us have been heart-broken. some more than others.
is it that we dont try enough to make our relationships work. or is the other person just. ah!!!!!!

there is no point to this post but i am wondering why we break hearts and why we allow our hearts get broken. when we know that at one point ov d relationship it will end... abi. its not as if we marrying the person...

but if we allow ourselves to think like the above paragraph. then relationships wont be ... iono how to explain... wont be DEN DEN DEN DEN...

so I ask what can we do in other to stop heartbreak...
is it really possible.
cuz i feel one person just has to be heart broken...



  1. Personally I thikn this is my best
    My own view is that in every relationship, someone must always be heartbroken. If you can't stand being heartbroken then don't go into the relationship.
    I think I'm first

  2. we don't go into relationships thinking oohhh we will b heart broken... shit happens... even both parties might get hurt but u learn something from the heartbreak's we go how to be a better person in the next in a way..heartbreaks help us grow...emotionally

  3. then after we grow emotionally what happens... are u saying we wont get heartbroken again?

  4. These things happen, sometimes we just can't help it. We just have to let it burn like usher says..

  5. lmao @ BSNC, but yh it should help the heartbroken parties grow--emotionally--but that doesnt mean it wont happen again, if you dont apply wt u learnt from ur previous failed-relationship to a current one then u might end up making the same mistake again and again...

  6. true but you shouldn't go into the relationship with that on the fore front of ur mind. if you do that you might as well not go into a relationship. Cause you go into it half heartedly; worrying bout not getting you heart broken and also trying not to be the bad person at the end of the relationship. It should be a learning experience and when you go into a relationship, I think you should always be in it with someone who if you happen to be stuck with for whatever insane reason, it won't real at all like you are stuck with. Don't get into a relationship thinking about the break-up. If you catch yourself thinking about how you are going to handle a break-up or break up with the other person before you guys start dating don't get into it. it is a waste of precious time. -SORRY for the mini blog