Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Conversation With Fear

Alabi: What is this in my heart?
        My legs can't move
        my lips seem sealed shut
       Even my brain seem to have shut down.
               Now am thinking in my head, what shall I say. Then I say,

Alabi: Who is this?
        Why are you blocking my way?

Fear: I am fear
        and I am here to stay

Alabi: No way
        you can't stay
        this is an important phase
        and you r stopping me from what i would love to embrace

Fear: Sorry this is my place
        and my mission is to satop you from making mistakes
        no matter what it takes

Alabi: Even if it means loosing my stakes?

Fear: well stakes could cost you your pride

Alabi: Thats a good point
        But its pointless if you haven`t tried

Fear: Whats the point of trying
       When you know ur chances are low
        It`s just like playing a lottery

Alabi: I could be lucky you know
       The stakes show good signs

Fear: Ya, they always do
        till you lose

Alabi: Now that you said that
        You leave me with 2 options
        I either go play for the stakes
        or i stay here and waste my break

Fear: Make your choice

Alabi: I go get my stakes

Fear: Remember your pride

Alabi: Fuck my pride
        Damn, it`s already late
        You casued this delay

Fear: I guess my job here is done
        See you some other time

Alabi: I hate him
        See what he`s done
       Am sure he`ll be back again
         Next time I`ll be ready

also written by = anonymous( meaning he doesnt want ppl to know it was him that wrote it)


  1. I Like this a lot but this "him" that doesnt want us to know who he is should conquer his fear too,he's a really good writer!!

    and Kommy,im back for good now oh!!! and im goin to comment lyk CRAZY till my name gets back to the top of that list where it belongs!! lol and i gave my blog a biiiiggg make over too!!

  2. k... thank u ppl. why arent u ppl saying nicely wirrten by u too and just him.. hiss.

    thank yu sha...

  3. Fear always gets in the way...

    Nice write-up by both you and him...lol.