Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Addiction

k i never knew i was addicted to u.

I knew i couldnt do without u the day i left the shower still dripping wet just to be wiv you for just 7secs

i never new you ll feel so so good.

u know everything about me...

i am with you and you are wiv me always.

we cant be without each anoda

with you there is never a dulling time...

Since we met i have not lived a day wivout u wiv u. wiv u flowing  thru my veins

the process is so so wonderful... like so many things are invovled...

my brain- my nerves- my fingers- U- bk to my brain and the process starts again.

i dont give a dam! if i chatted shit in this post. but TWITTER. O TWITTER. is there a day i would live wivout u...

I am in the student center because of u twitter... no internet in my house.

facebook = wack,  hi5= crap, all of them worthless... o twitter dont you ever leave me... sniff sniff..

twitter u are my bestfriend. i can tell you anything, ur such a good listener ...

sniff am crying right now... twitter... i love you... hope u love me too... sniff... sniff... buy blogsville... going to tweet


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