Sunday, November 1, 2009

back then...


And so emotions from a long lost love pop up from no where.

I try to keep off, u know like ehm... keep a distance thats what my head;s telling me...

but the truth is I cant keep letting my head think for me, my heart is dying... dying real slow... (slow like slovania) lol...

I rem the days before our first kiss... when we only used to cuddle on your bed, i tried to keep to myself u

know do dem good boy things, nice guy sturvz.. like leave pace between u n me on the bed,

so ul know I wasn't in it for sex...

u n i, well we lasted for a couple of months, those months, i can never forget, the good times... and the

not-so-good times..

our thing was deep tho... we spoke bout a few things, i told u basically errthing bout me... i assumed ul

know me inside out ...

but...  DEN DEN DEN DEN... lol

i find it a bit strange when you said u didnt know who i am... like i was heart-broken... like ur suppose 2 b d only one on earth that knows errthing bout me...

well all I can say now is... I will always be here if you need me...

LOVE DOES HURT... esp when u dont know what the other person thinks or feels...


eh hello people... how u doing...

wats happening... ehm lol kommytila is single ehm... feel free 2 add me on facebook name is KOMMY KONFIRMED OBASA...

and on twitter lol... name kommytila...

if u want email addy... lemme know..
grr baby grrr...

shout out to
my daddy
my mommy
my sisters
my uncles
...all my exs...
house-maids... grrr
the ppl that stole my shirts and boxers in boarding house... lol i know a few ov u...
2 dem seniors that purnished me...

so am kommytila the joker is back as well emotional dude has halfly gone.. if that english exists...
so next post shud be fun a lil bit.


  1. i may not be right but i skim thru ur posts and one thing that i know is that u're single and a hopeless romantic. ha!

  2. lol
    why are you always growling?
    nasty ass!

  3. sniff... kommy = hopeless romantic true...

    and bubbles yay1 ur on my blog... grrrrr baby grrr

  4. Yup
    another hopeless romantic. we cld rent DVDS together and cry our eyeballs out. But Guys dnt do that huh?
    Yea, life is full of experiences, unforgettable memories...

  5. Hopeless romantic uhn...time to move on bro. Time to leave the hopelessness and hurt behind.

  6. We live and we experience life. All the best Kommy

  7. looool @ koro....deffo a hopeless romantic kommy!!

  8. firstly..slow lyk slovania??

    secondly-shout out to yur housemaids..lmao

    thirdly-why must yu growl so much....are we fighting with you!

  9. mehn d growling... iono oh... its sweet...

    the housemaids... hmmm the housemaids...

    the first joke... i smh at myself

  10. ...grrrr.....lmao....its not sweet oh

  11. lol I agree with B'ratti. Time to move on abeg..all this emotional mumbo jumbo does not become

  12. kommy don move on oh... since

  13. lol the last part was the best! the shout-out's hahaha!

  14. #imagine say i neva read dis post