Monday, February 28, 2011

Single Life... tired ov it.

k. its been long since i updated... not my fault was enjoying d single life in london town... grrr shout out to my london pplz. david evans, chioma, chiamaka, feyi, demide,...

k. so. i have been enjoying my holday u know... chilling relaxing err thing u know... living the life...

but at this point where err1 around me is u know dating anoda person...

i feel. n believe. its my turn u know. tired ov being single. i need my own u know... even popsy tried to hook me up wiv sum1...
and true the babe was fit. very fit. fine. and she looks very proper u know. wife/girlfriend material.

but ehm.. i live in canada she here in london... am a guy... temptation will come. so... ehm dat wont work. it got me thinking.. u know

i think i need a babe... not just a normal one... some one i can chill wiv and do errthing wiv... some one i can mess infront ov and she do the same and we ll laugh about it.. u know.. not sure u ppl understand me... but

ive been searching... but just avnt found yet. hope i will one day... soon.

single life... very borin
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