Saturday, May 29, 2010

Black Roses

A mutual understanding...
So yummy good n spicy...
Weeks passed, months
Things still  cool.
then the arguments, the quarrels, the mistakes 
I keep coming back to apologize even though I KNOW u are the one at fault.
but the same arguments quarrels n mistakes...
well this is my own side of the story
This cycle cant keep happening. 
u say I try to change you... i try to control you...
if i see u playing with a knife n i tell u to drop it. 
is that bad?
I have tried...

I give unto thee Black Roses...


  1. Scary!
    I would say hold on a bit..
    I find the write ups of guys on relationships and all pretty deeper than that of chics..
    I enjoyed reading

  2. i agree with 2cute4u...tho we don't know the exact details i say give it one more try and talk it out ...after that its all good....i hope it works cr

  3. I'd honestly like to be in ur head 4 a day!

  4. Well this is just one side of the story.

  5. One side of d story like u said. Pretty deep tho. Take your time and you both will be fine.

  6. mr. konfirmed does the guy like the girl in question?

  7. Do black roses symbolise anything?

  8. I liked this- I have a thing for dying flowers so the title definitely appealed to me. They are gorgeous. Yeah, I'm weird like that. This post just shows the complexity of relationships- none of them are straightforward.

    Came across one of your videos on youtube... LOL @ "divine favour"... The guy recording couldn't stop cracking up. That was hilarious. Would check out your blog more often. :)

  9. yh black roses ~= death...

  10. @ miss F. thanks... and yes please stop by "more often"

  11. Have you tried listening to her side of the story? Maybe she is used to been in control and just does not know how to handle it when someone else is in control

  12. The whole concern issue is simpler than we make it, offer your opinion without imposing it on others, it would be appreciated better, people rebel when they feel boxed into other ppls opinion or advice.