Thursday, January 13, 2011

Under G Sturvs ......

First of all, Lol at some peoples reasoning are dating a babe and also claim to be in LOVE wiv her. Her closest and LONGEST friend from childhood has a crush on you and you are fully aware..... instead of atleast letting your girl know, you decide to keep it to yourself even when you know your babe is a jealous one and d kinda babe that has *OPEN-EYE*. Well, u start liking her in d process of not wanting to hurt your girl, you both decide to keep it "ON THE LOW" take dis babe to shop for a gift for ur girlfriends birthday and then decide to buy her stuff too, DID U THINK UR BABE WONT FIND OUT especially when ur d stingy type??? Anyhow, your babe being an UNDER G expert in the sense that she had been in a lot of relationships sha and had played her cards right all the time but in your case, she decided to keep it real, O'well, she asked you guys separately and you denied it. just because she loved you too much, she sucked it up oh until ............dis friends best friend started liking you too ..... Now, they both like you .... obviously, one person will want you all to herself and apparently, FOWL NYASH GO OPEN...SHA.... Ur shawty has found out now and Yawa don gas, she has left u....You are welcome to the singles club and Sorry but No Sorry :P U have to start from d scratch and start Toasting again :P
.........~| dont do it with someone close because UR BABE GO CATCH U...If u cant Do Under G... Stick to Commitent or better still, REMAIN SINGLE|~....................


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