Friday, September 2, 2011

When is the right time to leave?

My friends and I where in the zones and I asked this questions and no one came up with an answer that I could relate to... say my dear blogizzles... when is the right time to leave a relationship?

do u wait till you are fed up?

do u leave when the thought of the question occurs?

after the 1st 3 months?


cos i was taught that if sumn doesnt work ... try ... try and try again...
right now. my mentality is... before i get into a relationship try my best to figure atleast 30% of the person the rest during the relationship and if we get into a prob... we work things thru... but heeey from my past record you prob wont believe my new ideas on relationships so people I ask of you...



  1. neveeeer if not i'll hunt u down nd kill u YES I WILL ..if u dnt know better ask somebody..

  2. This question is very appropriate in my life right now... LOL. Oh well, all these matters of love and relationships sha... Who really knows anything? I think you should leave a relationship when you realise you are putting in more than you are getting out of it. If you are working harder and harder to gain less and less, then it's not worth it.

  3. hmmm nice... true... k "f" iono u .. but i know i need to... i love all ur comments...

  4. LOL... Well, I love your blog posts so let's call it even. :)

  5. I think F is close ... but I'd say... when giving doesn't make you feel good anymore... because you can be in a relationship and give more than you get, but still be happy about giving.

  6. true true... i get u Dark Neo... hehe i blush (" F " )

  7. After u shag her girlfriend

  8. I cosign with "F" for the most part.
    but then again, u cant wait to find out the remaining 70% during the course of the relationship, more often than not it'll be too late!
    Again, #shoutout to "F"

  9. the day you have no strength to try again

  10. i think its right to leave depending on your reason for being with that person, if its just a young relationship that obviously wouldnt go anywhere, then you should leave when you feel it could get better out there. Its always a hassel to leave someone you have been with for a while, but again you do not want the worse to happen to you first before you bounce.

    BOTTOMLINE.. its best to leave when you feel your partner's reason for dating has altered from what it used to be in the beginning. Then you start getting your bags packed, else you dont mind the change and are good at ass kissing or sucking up or if you also have changed.