Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Water so essential...

need to drink water errday...

but water is tasteless, non-colorful , so transperent, no fun

very boring...

so why on earth do i have to give drinking it every bloody day.

when i can have crush, coke, sprite. e.t.c.

but yet i stick to water...

they say it has nutrients ...

well i cant see it...

i think i am about going to the cornershop to get orange soda


  1. heheheheheheh. Nice post.. then again, nothing to write abi?Abeg come back with something jare..Good to have you back.. where you been?

  2. Water is the liquid that brings the balance to all the coke and fanta.

  3. why do I have the feeling that there's a subliminal message here??

  4. lol! I thought as much!
    anyway, u do realize after drinking the pop, you'll find yourself going back to water!
    The need is unconditional!

    Hope u get what I mean!