Thursday, March 25, 2010


 We always want the best of the best...
 We always expect more from our "partner"

 but we never really look at ourselves.

 the normal excuse we give is " I can not settle for less"

 you can not request a 10, if you are not a 10 yourself

 you can only hope, do not demand a 10 if you are a 6.

 because the so called 10 wants a 10 as well.

Most girls want tall, muscular men, most guys want properly shaped, hot lil things {grrrr} and then forget about personality, character, things that really matter, I try to explain to people that it is not just all about the abs, boobs, ass it's more than that.

What about the others that are not physically endowed? Are they not entitled to love?



  1. what about the others that are not physically endowed... are they not entitled to love? *faints*..lmaoo

  2. hahahaha! princess endorses this brand! too quality! *GBAM GBAM* *GBISH GBISH* *GBINSHO GBINSHO*

  3. In all there is to this, there is seriousness. Very true and well said Kommy. At 18 we want "cute n sexy,"if we don't have him till 22 we want "cute." And 25? We still don't have cute? We then want "fine ", then comes d Almighty 30 then we want "anything plus he has good personality." Hmmph!!

    I respect ur thoughts on this. Good work Kommy. This is Konfirmed!! GBAM n Cumfirmed. Lol

  4. yaaY u increased the font!
    I actually agree with u on this... true beauty lies within!
    However, it is the physical that attracts us first innit? If you're not presentable outside, most ppl won't even give u d chance to see who u really are....

    anyways, good job all in all!!

  5. Yeah yeah.. we all know that but doesnt stop us from wanting that,yeah?Most times, the right physical attributes depicts the right mannerisms..we all do make that mistake and wont likely stop.. I'm a chronic case myself.Nice post.
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    Thank you.

  6. Thank you.
    @2cute4u pls if you have a better posted il gladly accept it

  7. Well written and right on the money. Have a nice weekend dude.

  8. I like anything that has lips and a belly!
    He can kiss me and I can kiss his body.
    Nothing moreee!

  9. First time here..I like.. Spoken like a guy..Don't hurt to want the good things of life now does it..I love your blog!