Friday, August 14, 2009

The Friend Factor.

It is clear that the feminine mind is very complex and guys just dont understand girls... but sure... girls dont understand themselves... so they complicate thing meaning their mind isnt really complex... but confused... (I am sorry but this post is ehm... product of anger)
alright the opening line has little or nothing to do wiv my topic... but this post... ive got little or nothing to say am waiting for your comments.

why cant people just do the right thing... why do they have to ask friends about things(emotional) why not just act based on what u feel and if u still have problems... talk it out with the patner in the relationship...

The friend factor effective or not...
Kommytilla is not happy


  1. some ppl easily get drawn into the relationship dey duno right from wrong...sometimes u need a gud freind to point out sumtin...
    most times my freinds wen i talk to them...dey never tell me wot to do..but dey do say dis is not right or not fair and things like dat..
    i vote for freind factor..
    just that sometimes some pple have bad freinds...

  2. cuz a second opinion dsnt always hurt lol...y is kommytila angry

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  4. because sometimes we need counsel from others!
    The bible said we should not listen to good counsel, so really atimes it makes sense wen others ask well trusted people for their advice, its only a different thing when its bad advice that is been given.