Friday, July 17, 2009

The Kitchen...

sure, i cook... i boil water, egg, rice, meat e.t.c. u know. fry egg, chicken, meat e.t.c. u know normal things make stew e.t.c. u get me.

but honestly speaking no matter how much ppl would say " men are the best cook" ta! infact big ta!

so many times in my mind, il like to feel that am better than other pplz(gals) cooking. but hmmm

i know i need feminine cooking in my life. miss momsy and house-galz cooking...

well so in d past 2days i have been eating food made by women... and i feeeeel good.

anyway... the point of this post is to say the kitchen isnt meant for the man. sure he can help in the kitchen ... but if u want me to cook for ...hmmm sure it will be edible and non-poisonous but am sure its best u cook and eat ur own food or we can like to go to mcdonalds...

anyways bye ppl am off to help out in the kitchen...


  1. lol!!!!! at least you have sha accepted your flaws! :)

  2. mcdonalds...
    i dont think so :P

  3. I know some guys who cook better than girls. personally, i dont think one's gender determines one's culinary skills. but traditional-bias seems to play a big part.

  4. I agree with yinkuslolo, gender has nothing to do with it, if you can you can!
    n yes traditionally its like the heavens will fall if your in-laws come and see your husband cooking!
    go komitilla

  5. true dat @ devine..motherinlaw's especially nigerian ones gon raise hell if dey know say na dere precious boi dey cook for house..i have a guy friend dat cooks betta dan me, na talent dat boi get..tis real cute wen a guy can cook for his wife