Monday, September 30, 2013

The word between like and love [ L__E ]

I'm sure no one expected the summary to end this way.

The three post below can be answered with the mystery [ The word between like and love ]

love n infatuation, when is the right time to leave? can u date a fuck buddy?

so many times we jump from like to love... just because we know not what to call what we feel.

the last three posts are from my own personal experience. I mean so many times I want to tell a girl how i feel...

but its so damn hard.... cos i know my feelings is/are greater than the word "like" so i tell her I love her... and right after the words I LOVE YOU come out of my mouth. I know i have just sinned against God cos ... well they say GOD IS LOVE... and i sure dont selflessly feel something for the girl.

so I am on the quest to discover the word between like and love lool... loke? liev? ...know what [ L__E] is what amma call it... lool

and at the same time... amma let u people think and drop your comments bout   "dating someone and being in a relationship with some1"  if its the same thing or   different


  1. thank u for embarking on this quest! its rapidly becomin a problem amongst the youth. lol.

  2. i think when u date someone u probably like the person but u probably like other people too. u guys just hang out n chill but thats it..
    if ure in a relationship wiv someone, u guys are exclusive.there's no oneelse..its just u guys.

  3. lmao... u's a jokaH!!!... loke, liev??? hahaha...
    at least ure on track wen u say n admit that God is Love!!!
    safe journey while tryna find out ;)

  4. You are so on point... M and I were talking about this the other day- wondering whether this thing called love actually exists... Cos it seems we feel such complex emotions for our "significant others"- some weird combination of lust, respect, admiration, LUST (:D), care, compassion, romance... etc etc... It would be really hard, not to mention fucking awkward to say I admire/lust after/respect/want to tear your clothes off/miss/adore you at the end of every fone call so we just say "I love you"... It's less complicated.

    I don't think you should feel like as liar though... Words only have the meaning that is given to them. As long as the person you are telling is on the same page, it's fine. If you tell someone you loved them and they hear "I want to spend the rest of my life with you" when you actually mean "I want you so bad right now", then there is a serious problem.

    About dating and being in a relationship, Honey pretty much nailed it. Being in a relationship is more meaningful than dating. Oh and by the way, unfortunately, I am not on twitter... My eye no open reach that side. :)

  5. again. I feel ur comment should have been the post itself... if u ever join twitter my name is @konfirmed there... lol feel free to follow...

  6. F just killed it.
    There isn't much to say but yea 'Love' is used way too much. Unnecessarily

  7. Go F...couldn't have said it better if i tried

  8. s/o to F...always!

  9. Hmm, I will take the easy way out on this one... We already have the word! The word is "feeling". No? You know? When one says I am "feeling" you! "Feeling" is kind of that word after like but before love. Ok exceuse my total lack of creativity :-S (oops)