Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I know no one wants to be rejected. but it happens.
even times when you try your best not to be rejected.

rejection really cant be taken in a good way no matter how u try to code it.

and there are different levels ov rejection. but out of all the rejection that me ive gone thru was when i indeed rejected other people for someone but got rejected by the person . e pain me no be small but trust. i no cry... all i said was... ITZ COOL...

now the main question is...

what to do after being rejected?
  • cry and cry?
  • Stay sad for a long time?
  • feel sad then move on?
  • or stick to the person till d lady/fella changes her/his mind from pity
Honestly I know not what the best response is... before i know I would have said move on one time. but i have gotten rejected once, twice... even more ...

but the most important thing is things happen for their own particular reasons...

ehm ppl tell me what u did after u know... or if uve never ever been rejected... or what u feel should be done after this.

rejection... not sexy KOMMYTILLA HAS SPOKEN



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