Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Runsing State.

alright... Runsing State = period before you get the girl to like you...
at this point u feel like u cant do without the babe. the number on thing on your mind is the babe...

wen ur shitting shez on ur mind

wen ur sleeping ur dreaming bout her

wen ur on the phone u talking to her.

wen your blogging your writing about her...

u feel incomplete without her... rather sad. but very awwwish...

u bois make fun off u.. but all that dont matter... ur female friends ask you why u like her...

why u feel u like her... and all u can say is without her u feel lifeless.
at this point am thinking my topic != post.

but still...

when u cant talk to her, see her... feel her presence u feel like uve been put thru serious torture...

but the question is does this feeling last forever...

does the zeal, the love you have for her continue after you get her to like you and want you as her partner?

do u get tired or bored and u go for the next available girl?

or is the feeling just an illusion that dies out in a week?

or she may just be the very one... the one taken out of ur rib... the very one u are supposed to chill wiv... the one supposed to change u, mould you into a better man.

the feeling so so strong...
the feeling very very weird



  1. ah ah... must there be a babe...

  2. I concur wit Rene, who's d babe?

  3. hahahah!!! *shhhhh** awwwww!!!the yummy yummy feeling! true! whose d babe! LMAO!

  4. yh mehn... just guys will understand...

  5. true talk mayn....i get that feeling alot,esp wen u think ure sure shes d one,n den u jus forget her...or she turns out 2 be sumn else...gawd!!cant some girls jus be real?? hard 2 come by mayn

  6. sighs...
    the feeling of not knowing
    the chase
    the thrill of the chase
    the flirting
    the stealing glances when u think hes not looking
    the pretending, when u rlly know u want him


    I know what you mean...

  7. u guys r nailing it... hmmm... y cant errthing be the way we want it to be.

  8. That's when it's fun, but all too quickly gets old when the relationship starts

  9. Hmmm please jist us about this babe now, lets celebrate your migration to the other side. LOL

  10. haha @Ebony to my knowledge am still single.

  11. is there another part to this?
    Who's the chick? Like seriously?

  12. haha ... ok ppl if dats wat u want to hear ...there is a girl in which i truly like. but her name remains coded

  13. Okay oh
    if u say so
    But i need more details...

    See all it took was one little word from me....GBOSA, talk don begin. i shld become an

    Hiiiii :)

  14. haha u think, i just sed it so ppl will lemme alone.

  15. lmao!!! boy ar eu single confirmed!!!

  16. uve got it badddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  17. hahha Iono if I wanna be on a guys mind when he's doing number 2 o!!! But eya.. boy is shook!

    Interesting post! (We have the same look for our blogs!)

  18. ppl ppl ppl.... I am still king of my domain...