Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GIST+ break up already.

Alright, people...
Hello... Hi... Wassup... Whats popping...

I was talking with a friend of mine recently,  she told me to update my blog and she said the comedy part of Kommytila has died and its just emotional rubbish thats left for the readers. I am sorry, I'll try and make me posts as funny as possible from the next post.

Its funny how "gist goes round" a couple of days back a.k.a 2 days ago, I heard gist about myself that I didn't know about, it was funny and false but I liked the fact that people enjoyed talking about me, The gist made me look like a bad boy,  I heard some girls like that... GIGITY!
Biko, please oh I am not bad and Je not so good as well, but I can assure thee that I am closer to the good side than most males you'll ever know.

K... now to the break up already part of this post. I've been wanting to talk about this issue for a long time,  I am tired of people/couples telling me about their "personal business" about them being tired and things are not working out, my one advice = do you see yourself getting married to who you are with, if not end it.  plus Before you become parents, do not put your wahala on your child(ren)'s head(s). Break up already...

I was talking to a man a week back during my vacation... Kommytila went to London to chill 4 a bit. and his married friend told me he does not want to talk to his wife because when they talk she makes him unhappy and the wife told me later on that she is in the marriage only for her kids, and out of the 25years of marriage she only enjoyed 5 years. My advice to him was simple, just do not forget to pay the children school fees plus their pocket money as of when due.

If your relationship is a burden, drop it and do not stress other peoples lives.


  1. LOL am tired aswell oh!!! Me dat does not have boyrfiend, people will come and disturb me with their own. ehen. Nawa for couple coming to talk to u oh!

  2. hmm...???
    are you sure you haven;t heard the call to be a marriage councellor?


  3. Hmmm, you have a good point.

  4. awww poor woman so sad! true bad relationships r nt worth the stress

  5. eya poor couples besides I'm sure your the aproko lol

  6. i tire ohhh, as ebony sed, i dont have a bf...but iv given COUNTLESS kinds of advise to people! haba,leave me ohhhhh

  7. yh................i agree...poor couple,poor kids bt wat was the guy doing telling you all his problems anyways