Monday, November 16, 2009

I AM 19

okay also in this ottawa trip...

I hate it wen i am been remindig of my age iin a bad way... say during dinner a botle of wine is on the table so i can drink n eat right and then a random someone makes a side comot like "arent the people on "my" table underage"  you get what i mean right.

i know I am a young dude. i tell err1 when i meet them... its not a bigger I am  just 19.

plus i may be just 19. but am sure i have done things in this life most people older havent done or tried doing... this post well was written wiv anger. i really wish u ppl can feel how hard am tapping my keys..

me being just 19 dont mean errthing bout me is just 19. i mean i am not 19 downstairs i can assure you of that. my brain aint 19 eida.  i ve got plans for days. i mean I am kommy konfirmed obasa... but anyways still

P.S.  to the older girls dont try n front if u want to get it... get at me on twitter(konfirmed) facebook(kommy konfirmed obasa) email

Kommytila... signs out. plus sorry forgot to tell y'all I just added a new thing to d konfirmed website. y;all  should check it out if u have any questions or suggestions pictures anything u think can be put there lemme know.

kommytila is a young man with a bright future better get at him now... hiss

for my twitterians #imagine say i dey share $100 for everyone who leaves a comment... lol #WhereDeyDoDatat?


  1. You're a mad man shey u know......i understand what u mean about the age thing, but then its the fault of other teenagers like urself who always play the ''i'm just a teenager''card, you can't blame people for treating y'all like kids..lmao...i'll be watching you, prove urself that u're not a typical 19 year old boy then maybe we can talk business...*winks*

  2. You go boy!!! OK... that just sounded weird

  3. Kommy abeg how old r u downstairs?

    *u put it out there now. who says i am not allowed to ask. Na free country oh*


  4. Is that my name i see on the top 5 commenters ?

    Taking over, ONE BLOG at a time....
    Yup babay!

    Bia, Konfirmed, didnt i tell u to get ur name off the commenters list. this na ur blog now, ur name no suppose show!

  5. @chayoma hmmm... my name gats be there jo... am numba 1... tongue out.

    @juiceegal amma prove maself

    @Harry hmmm hmmm hmmmm i no do oh

  6. we love u as ur 19 kommy!!

  7. @chayoma guess wuz my nmba 1

  8. lol
    you are so silly
    'I am not 19 downstairs'