Thursday, June 4, 2009


third blog


so on my second blog i spoke about the feminine mind and got several personal messages talking bout things that are off point

so on this blog i wont talk about matters of love, politics, religion. but about something we all can relate to something like... top 25 songs played on my itunes, or the reason why the sky is blue...

ta! i shall continue. 

so on this blog i talk about "the signs girls give" and "how bois act to signs"

see some boys dont understand most of the signs you ppl say you give.

you'll do something and when we dont respond well you'll be crying dat we dont understand.

all the random signs u ppl have we bois dont know... u ppls mind too complex for us to understand so... u get me...

signs like:-

                   laughing at my jokes----it'll make us think we funny.

                   telling us u like our eyes--- means u like our eyes.

                   telling us ...

come on speak simple english... I LIKE YOU... I DONT LIKE THAT SHIRT... TELL ME I AM BEAUTIFUL.  stop saying things like my sister looks like me. is she beautiful?

and then when we  try to interpret the signs you give..hmmm its anoda wahala...

when a boi calls you at night or whenever and he says come over lets chill. and u say ok... u shud know dat the chilling is on a diff level. dont be ignorant and  go... chai! mehn i dont even know what else to say...

girls shud speak english... bois too... KOMMYTILA HAS SPOKEN


  1. FIIIRRRSTTTT!! yes im getting gud @ diz :)

  2. itz funny how bois say come n chill even during the day...hiss chill ko..btwn who just goes " i like u"?...lool...u have to give signs first starting to think bbz r nt @ fault o..itz d guys....dey r ehrmm... SLOWWWW! **giggles** ^_^

  3. Yes o twinnie *high five*...its d guys that are slow.Must we talk with all our mouth,if a babe shld get upfront now and tells u straight up that she is feelin you,won't u be the first person to go and start gushin to ur frnds about how that babe is all over you and how she wnt get off ur back,yes i know what i'm talkin bout.Take it or leave it,traditionally a babe gives signs and its up to the smart guys to get the cue,if not then too bad.And when i mean signs i dnt mean dumb signs like laughin at a guy's jokes or telling him i like his eyes,thats what 13 year olds do.

  4. loving this blog boi!
    the kommytila himself!

  5. signs huh??!!! alrighty, we give signs to the best of our ability but if you guys don't grab, whose fault na! lol if she laughs at your jokes, sure it could be funny buh considering she does it often. maybe? You should probably read between the lines & get that she isn't always giggly cuz your jokes are funny; cuz really they might not even be funny at alll mehn & you dudes should know that!!! It's hard for a lady to just come up & say...wo, i like you! ha ba, doesn't happen mate. Easier for a guy buh for a gurl? TOO forward, it's gotta be a gradual process.
    Nice 1, Kommy!!!!!

  6. k ladies if dos signs are minor pls educate us so we slow ones will grab fast fast

  7. lmao i am dying here... hahaha!!!

    anyway the solution is simple: boys are supposed to read minds! and if you can't read minds, please go back to heaven and collect your mind-reading ability! :p

  8. misz funmi... as u ppl say... we can neva understand you ppl. so dont make it worse. u can like to help us understand. u know speak english rather than sign a normal guy cant observe... not hard hard signs. sho!

  9. tru tlk, tru tlk...
    but u know its hard sha...u cnt jus say cuz then technically u guys will now strt thinkin the girl is to forward nd such nd such...who knows sha...

  10. lmao!
    oh jeez!
    Komitilla himself

  11. I disagree with you, komitilla
    You are going to force me to respond to ur blog
    Girls speak english, boys just dont get it!

  12. no u dont if u do. then i wont have thought bout this now would i. sumgals would now go round saying... after all the signs i showed. he should know i like him now.

  13. omg!!!
    dis is soo gud...
    yh bt evri1 gives signs... u gats to be coded sumtyms or u look too forward as a girl...we have to front small u bt guys give too many signs... dey r nt always straight forward u no.... but dats wat makes it interesting too....

  14. Seriously Tho...Guys r SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    well its either they r SLOOWWWWWWWW or dey knw but arent just interested tho...

  15. But on the real in guys are DUMMMMMMMMMMMBBBBBBBBBBB
    yh....dey mite notice signs but might not just react cus its not mutual but at d same time as in DYOU HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT TO THEM....

    like we have long and deep conversations...yet u still dunno if i like u or not..well dat laughing at joke one isnt rily a big sign tho cus personally i laugh at loads of peoples jokes but dat doesnt mean i like u tho..

    nwaez lets turn tables yh...kanmi ur a guy...other than saying those 3 words I LIKE YOU,what signs do guys give???

    yh he calls you a lot but he prolly does that to other people...honestly tho dis whole relationship thing is complicated

  16. k I cant talk for all bois but as for me...
    apart from saying I like you. you ll definately know. cos not alot of guys would go out of their way to do ***things*** for girls. i mean take for example. me... sorry to me ex but. for example i live 8hrs awa from her right. was ill but still travelled in that state to go see her. if that is not a sign pls tell what is. me i see myself i straight forward if i like you il let you know by things i do. so me for myself ive had issues wiv gals not being able to show how they truely feel. thats why i decided to write this post. I hope ive made sense in this komment.

  17. have u heard of wrong signals gurls do dat 2 lol but sometimes we boiz get d sign but pretend not 2 notice,face it ur not m type m not interest hint! am a guy by d way