Wednesday, June 3, 2009


'til tomorrow i know i wont be able to comprehend this topic. but what i have come to understand is the the feminine mind isnt that complicated...

I feel girls think to much. i feel they make things bigger than they really are. if u tell a normal guy 'a'. he accepts it as 'a', but when you tell a babe the same thing in her mind this is what she feels...  ("hmm what comes before 'a' is it 'b', no its not but 'a' na where alphabet start, not okay i choose 'z' and well 'b' comes after 'a' so its 'z' 'a' 'b' "). something so unnecessary. i feel they make life more complicated for themselves. if you introduce a guy to anoda guy. they' ll shake as if they have been friends for eternity but... when you introduce a babe to another girl. in their minds they start to abuse and find fault in the other girl. but for what reason. me i dont know. another example which me i know very very well of. lets say u introduce you girlfriend to your ex. (den den den den) problem your ex will start in her mind oh. she may even bring it out ... am about to reveal the "ex's" thought process (hmmm.. what does this girl have that me i dont have. look at her am finer than her. see her cheap weave... see her ive got more body than she does. why would he leave me for that)  ..

seriously why do girls do all this things.
even my baby sister... one day she walk into the sitting room back in 9ja my friends n i were they and i saw her trying to adjust her skirt am like see this one thinking  boys dat are double your age will be looking at u.

then the theories girls have on guys and dating... WOW is all i can say.
some will be doing bad guy (by the way not referring to any1 in particular) in their mind they feel if they dont show d guy how much they like him, he wont take her for granted. as in most times if you ppl dont know you are literally pushing the boy away. kai! 



  1. heehee! bbz would be babes..i think think this happens simply cuz girlz are way more emotional so we over think thingz more than guyz will..LMAO! @ girlz dat dnt shw der feelingz..sum bbz are liek dat prbli just too..shield dem selves frm any heart wahala...LMAO! @ urlittle sister..SHAARAAPPP!! joh! leave d babe alone nw! loool...i did dat b4 joh! lol

  2. LOOL! ok, u need to start keeping tabs on ur lil sis b4 she gets grown - u're gonna hav ur hands full!
    But really, thats d way girls think, we notice the little things and read between the lines while you guys just accept things as they are. Same reason y most mums can easily tell wen u're lying nd d dads'll believe u.
    nd thow u sed it's YOUR opinion, hope u realize u're generalizin. cz I've met girls dt ddnt eye me up nd down or see me as 'competition' d first tym I met them. We hit it off ryt away. Mz. Eny can attest t that ;) but on d other hand those kind of girls plenty well well, so I dnt blame u.

    Girls- cn't live wiv us, cn't live wivout us! ;)

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  4. hahahaha….I can really relate to this. Buh I don’t fink it’s really OVER thinking it to an extent, but rather being cautious in a sense so when things do turn sour, you can walk (if it’s beyond fixing) without excessive tears glistening in your eyes and not break yourself. If we don’t look at things from various perspectives, we would be caught off guard when our intuition does come to pass. For example, the ex walaha now. I personally think (some) boys are toooo simple and gravely insecure, I don’t know why but they can be really shallow sometimes. A lady knows that old flames never die so OBVY she’ll watch out for your ex just incase shit hits the fan between you both and you decide to find solace with your ex, she’ll know she saw it coming so it wouldn’t hit her hard. Buh then again it all boils down to the TRUST factor, if that exists, there should be no need for suspicions. Generally, I fink we all possess some sorta insecurity, some more than others. Not really cuz you’re not sure of yourself or what not but it all comes down to trying to please someone you care about, being yourself at times doesn’t tick the clock. Anyhooo, I fink if you lads actually got your shit together, then we chicks would learn to actually tell you when we’re head over heels in love with you without being vulnerable and thinking you might use it to your advantage. Again, this only applies to some guys….not all are howwible…lol. Lol @ your lil sis and nice one!!!!

  5. hmmm @book-ey tenz much... we bois have heard we shall try to use ur advice...

  6. Dude u get am down to the marrow, wen u tell dem simple thing they take it too far and wen u tell dem deep stuffz dey summarize dem dey give demselves wahala...dey make life too complicated jo!

  7. free ur kid sis abeg! but use eye carry
    itz ur opinion buh d thing is u can never really figure out d feminine mind...u can try sha

  8. ...i inspired this :)

  9. ha ha ha..what can I say?
    Girls, cant live with them cant live without them.

  10. lol...I think ur a lil biased on that
    no, very biased, cus guys do it
    but they dont show it as much as females!

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  12. how about timees wen we show how much we like him nd the results are still the same?
    its just a way of protecting 'ourselves', you cant really blame the guy, lmao

  13. k pls relate ur comment to my post called signs