Wednesday, June 3, 2009


K. so amma talk from ma own point of view. 
Ive gone thru so many relationships and this has left me with the question if "I" do have a type. I have dated slim, average, fat, tall, short, fine, ugly, flat, curved, proud, opposite of proud(lol) older and younger ladies. and yet am still left with the question of what my type is. 

I wonder how people already have an idea of their "type" . Are they saying that if sumone who isnt their type comes along they wont shake body small.  I feel there is no such thing as "my type" because I  dated a girl who would never date a guy who is  shorter and younger than her. but well hmmm... seems she broke her vows on her "type". so people can we actually say  we do have a type. seriously think with me. look back on ur past relationships the guys/gals do they have any thing in common.and if they do how many things. most people would come out and say. I WANT TALL BOI, I WANT BIG BOBBIE, I WANT FINE BOI, I WANT BIG YANSH. but what if they ones who dont have the things u want are the ones you are supposed to chill wiv. am not sure if u ppl understand the lyrics am typing but seriously. haba. give a sister a chance... give a brother a chance. am speaking on behalf of us dat dont hav things the ppl we seem to like request. haba. u want us to do surgery abi u want us to lie about our age.

seriously lets all open our eyes. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TYPE. if i hear anygirl talk bout type i will spank you and if a boy that is bigger than me talk bout type. hmmm hmmm ive warned u oh. 
To all the girls that said I am short, young(BLE BLE)... hmmm u dont know wat u missed... KOMMITILA has spoken. TYPE DOESNT EXIST.


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