Saturday, July 30, 2011


Alright so ppl... i really need to know the people or d person wu came up with coke nd fanta...
its like I am in a case ov massive dilemma...

alright so we all know coke... its not as sweet as we think but its got more sugar than fanta ryt.
and fanta is there looks good to the eye u know we assume its sweeter than coke but really. isnt. and am sure u guys know dat if u go anywer ul see coke more then ul see fanta

but see... when i have coke in my fridge. i feel . i cant really explain but . i feel so in love with coke. like i cant do without it...

same goes for fanta... but fanta isnt everywhere like coke... but when i find it... all i want to do is stay wit it...

but presently... i have no fanta and coke... the manufacturers went m.i.a on me. and i felt bad... lonely... and very very emotional... now i think to myself which one do i want ... coke... or fanta...

i tried to think hard and make a decision ... but before i could think i spotted sprite... i looked again. and i found burn..[the energy drink... so mild yet so strong and wild]

with this i thought to my self... am i just being selfish... or is there a chance with me n fanta or... coke... or i am supposed to do without them and stick to sprite and burn[the energy drink... so mild yet so strong and wild]

yet again i thought having all this drinks can lead to diabetes... u know...

really really confused people... i dont know how to choose.../ or what to choose/ or what to do...

but for now. i guess i wont be racist. il taste all ov them and finalize on the one with the GREATEST taste. KOMMYTILA HAS SPOKEN


  1. FIRRSTTTT gud :) err even doe i cheated

  2. loool! TAste all of dem? dat sounded nasty as hell! lol... it happens eh...dnt taste all of dem...choose wat u want n stick wit it!! gOOd write up!!!!

  3. lol, is that your excuse?

    I have fanta and coke, you want some?

  4. Try dem ol till u find d one dats perfect for u, but dont take the at d same time out cos u ll get a terrible tommy ache dt ite nt end

  5. LOOOL dnt taste all o! try one and stick to it. Hmmmm i envy this description of coke and fanta.

  6. so ... how am i meant to know the one that suits me if i dont taste everything...

  7. LOL!I admire the love connection between you guys (you, coke and fanta.) Since your lovers aren't readily available, then you could test the waters and go with burn and/or sprite..who knows you might fall in love again...Love ur description of Burn.

  8. hmmm...

    coke or fanta, eh?

    You really have a difficult dilemma in front of you. lol!

    Nice blog!


  9. Haa...
    u want Diabetes?
    i have been off pop/soft drinks/ coke,fanta,sprint all those frizzy drinks for a yr + and i have never felt any better.
    Join me. After all, they rn't faithful to you. picking up and leaving u LONELY!
    u can do without them.
    u want to check into rehab?
    Haa, dnt say i didnt warn u!

  10. Lol coke nd fanta. i feel ur pain brah

  11. Heard of water?
    Stick to that!
    Ah and your wicked o lol, I told you I wanted what you have under your blog on mine
    oya tell me the trick lol

  12. lol... water. i can think ild try water... u know ny "water" around?

  13. water... hmmm so tasteless but it fills my belly.

  14. think my first time here,just stopping by,cheers