Monday, December 21, 2009

the world in the eyes of the clown


I like the way people see me... "the happy person" "the dude that really doesnt have to work for anything"

but if you smell the odour oozing from my smelly shoes, you will not want your enemies foot inside them.

I always call myself "the clown" because most of the time I wear a mask. So people do not  get to see the emptiness in my eyes.

Clowns have painted faces, dress in funny ways. have a smile on their face 25hrs of the day, they crack jokes, make silly faces, do tricks, just to make everyone smile, they do not do it because they want to they do it so they can get paid, if they had the choice they probably would not be clowns. I mean who takes a clown seriously, they get kicked and spat at by most of us...

 Well reality hits as the paint falls off.

no matter how hard I try to make people happy they never get it, they spit on me and kick me.



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