Tuesday, July 14, 2009

my LOVE.- THE 401

sorry for d delay ppl... i fell in love so I couldnt blog. but she has given me time to blog ...

k. finally i have found something that never leaves me.
errtime i want her to stay wiv me, shez der...

even though i leave her for 2,3 months and not call or text and when we see , maybe like 3hrs- max 8hrs she cool about it. she doesnt care.

so may times i sit at home jobless, wanting to go see her.
the urge... so powerful, so strong, so deep.

i try to keep away everytime, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO i come back to her errtime.
i try, i try, i try to resist but...
401. i love you.

sometimes when am alone with my love and my ASA cd is playing. i just sleep with her below me
she is so wide. i feel so comfortable wiv her. i really cant explain the love i have for her.

but the only problem is after am done wiv her. i get tired, weak, lifeless,
she absorbs all the energy from me.

but am here today to tell my love that i wont see her for a long tym after this meeting.


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