Thursday, June 4, 2009


third blog


so on my second blog i spoke about the feminine mind and got several personal messages talking bout things that are off point

so on this blog i wont talk about matters of love, politics, religion. but about something we all can relate to something like... top 25 songs played on my itunes, or the reason why the sky is blue...

ta! i shall continue. 

so on this blog i talk about "the signs girls give" and "how bois act to signs"

see some boys dont understand most of the signs you ppl say you give.

you'll do something and when we dont respond well you'll be crying dat we dont understand.

all the random signs u ppl have we bois dont know... u ppls mind too complex for us to understand so... u get me...

signs like:-

                   laughing at my jokes----it'll make us think we funny.

                   telling us u like our eyes--- means u like our eyes.

                   telling us ...

come on speak simple english... I LIKE YOU... I DONT LIKE THAT SHIRT... TELL ME I AM BEAUTIFUL.  stop saying things like my sister looks like me. is she beautiful?

and then when we  try to interpret the signs you give..hmmm its anoda wahala...

when a boi calls you at night or whenever and he says come over lets chill. and u say ok... u shud know dat the chilling is on a diff level. dont be ignorant and  go... chai! mehn i dont even know what else to say...

girls shud speak english... bois too... KOMMYTILA HAS SPOKEN



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